Naturaura Therapeutics

Package Design

I was commissioned to tackle the product designs for both of Naturaura Therapeutics product lines. Their Traditional Chinese Medicine infused with CBD topical ointment was the first project. The client desired a premium and updated look compared to OG TCM ointments we're all familiar with (tiger balm, white flower, etc.). I opted to go with a vertical logo down the side of the bottle, with some fine sans serif for some on-product description. The marble background texture was a request from the client.

For the tea product line, I drew inspiration from going to my local tea shops in the east bay and SF. I found that most of the cool looking packages were minimal in design. However, the client I both agreed that we wanted to keep some traditional element on our packaging. We asked "why not have some bold chinese characters on the front?" So with the help of a bit of hierarchy and typography we fit everything onto a front label sticker that we proceeded to slap on grey pvc bags.

Overall this porject was very enjoyable and had me back in my startup BAG.


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