Open Daily All-Purpose Flower Tee

I had the chance to tackle the photography and video production of Open Daily's All-Purpose Flower Campaign. I handled all technical photography aspect of the video production. Jess and Kev had made the set, sourced Carina (our homegirl/actress for the shoot), and Victor Ta handled our mid-century 50's style voice over. Everything was shot/recorded/edited in a half day. Magical things tend to happen when the whole squad is involved. The photo shoot leg of the project was tackled in one early morning with the help of Lake Merrit: Vegan Gelato's vegan donuts(yum) over at the Open Daily Studio. Everything was shot on my M645 on Portra800 for the photos, then processed and posterized by Kevin Wong. Check out the feature here, and cop a flower tee over at Open Daily! Cover Photo by Kris Contreras All Purpose Flower from Kevin wong on Vimeo.

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